My Commodore Stuff

Novaterm 10
My improved version of Novaterm 10, the 64/128 terminal program by Nick Rossi

Unzip64v2 & Unzip128v2
Extracts pkzip2.xx / Infozip2.xx & gzip files on a stock c64 or c128 system!

D64it & D128it
Converts between D64 disk images & 1541 disks

Strobe's Demos
Info, screenshots & downloads of some of my c64 demos as coder Strobe

JPX Renderer, C64 portable/laptop project, a lightgun for the c64, c64 robotics

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Site News

  • Unzipv2.15 and D64it1b source code released (11/6/2003)
    I've dug out & released the original source code (as is!) for both of these programs. Hopefully someone can make use of it (and if they do please contact me and let me know!)
    Source is original turbo/macro assembler format and also in petscii (straight export from the assembler).
  • NT10 Source code released (16/1/2002)

  • Once again claiming my award for the best procrastination by a c64 developer ever, I've finally found all the NT10 source code that I lost due to a hard disk failure and cleaned it up for release.
    I've also cleaned out my commodore links section as usual.
  • Updated my commodore links (6/6/2001)

  • Removed some dead links, fixed some broken ones & added a few more.
  • Novaterm 10 Release II (28/05/2001)

  • Another no-I'm-not-dead release. This is Novaterm 10 but it's not the same as the one Nick Rossi released some time ago. It's got all the work _I_ did on it! What do you get? You get my patented 80x33 VIC screen mode, genuine PPP with telnet on a stock 64 or 128 system, dozens of improvements I can't even remember and about a million bug fixes. If you used Nick's NT10 and didn't like it, you might like this. If you're still on NT9.6, you might find this an improvement. Try it & see!
  • Unzipv2.15 released (14/11/2000)

  • This is the no-I'm-not-dead release of my little unzip util. New stuff includes overwriting existing files (including overwrite all, none or individual select), "correct case" for extracted files, renaming of output files, D71 & D81 extraction and a bunch of other stuff I don't even remember because I haven't looked at it in months.
  • My JPX renderer (14/12/1999)

  • After seeing the first version of JPX with it's simple hires renderer, I decided that I could do better, and here is a screenshot of my renderer so you can see what the results were.

    General News

    • Almost no news (14/11/2000)

    • Nick Rossi has released Novaterm10 as public domain including source code, along with Novaterm 9.6.

    My c64 history

    I've been using these suckers for years, and will probably never get sick of them. I learnt BASIC and then 6502/6510 machine language on the c64, and still use my c64 system. I've built a power supply to run it off a car battery (12v dc) and still use it to connect to the internet or BBS's during power shortages. I've also built an interface box which I used to control model robots from the computer, which was fun for experimenting with robotics and controlling things with a micro.

    Believe it or not, there are still an aweful lot of people out there who still use them, and there will probably continue to be for many years to come. I still think the commodore 64 is the most educational computer there ever was. The demoscene is very active and there are still commercial companies supporting the machine (eg CMD).

    Some of you may know or remember me as the coder Strobe. I've been in demo groups such as Oregon, Warriors of the Wasteland & Lithium, and have released several demos such as 'Thunder" and "Steam" with my partner in crime Witty (a.k.a Brad Wightman, presently editor of the magazine 'Commodore Fever'). You can sometimes catch me on IRC channel #c-64 on ircnet, nickname 'Strobe'.

    Errol Smith || Strobe/???