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Plus/4 version of d64it

Imre Széll from Hungary (aka 'siz') has ported d64it to the Plus/4.

You can find his port here - D64IT plus/4 - and the forum discussion of the port on the Plus/4 world forums here.

I've also mirrored the full zip file (source and Plus/4, c64 & c128 programs) here - or just the Plus/4 version itself - d64it_plus4.prg


d64it-vic released - d64it for the Vic20!

I've recently done a vic20 version of d64it, so now you can extract d64's (or create them) natively on your trusty (rusty?) old vic 20! It needs a vic with 8k or more of expansion ram.

You can download d64it-vic here.


D64it is a simple program for the c64 to convert from .D64 files (emulator disk images) to a 1541 disk or vice-versa. It's slow but it works!
Of course to use it you need a device on the c64 that can hold a ~170k D64 file (eg 1581, Ramdisk/REU, CMD FD/HD etc).

Also available is d128it, which is a native 128 version of d64it (derr..). Works nicely with fast serial devices..

NEW - d64it-vic is a d64it for the vic20! Requires 8k+ of expansion ram to run.

These programs are still kinda beta as they aren't very idiot-proof..

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