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Strobe's Demos

 Strobe's Demos

Yes, it's finally here. You can check out my dabbles into the c64 demo scene as Strobe the coder, digimixer & font drawer!
Files are gzipped - use unzip64v2 to extract them on a c64 if you have to.

Strobe Demo screenshot ~3k

Strobe Demo

My first ever demo to get contacts. Released around 1991 (?), this demo got me a place in the demo group Oregon.
Featured raster bars, logo swinger, 2x2 scroller with raster bar background & DYSP scroller.. Ahh.. those were the days...

strobe.prg.gz || strobe.d64.gz

Thunder Vectors screenshot ~4k


Thunder was the first demo I did while in Warriors Of the Wasteland with Witty as graphician & co-coder, in 1992.
Featured the first vectors by an Aussie coder (me!), upside down intro & a mini graphics collection from Witty.


Steam Plotterball screenshot ~4k


The 2nd demo by the mega combo of Strobe & Witty. Steam won 1st place demo at the TSR c64 party held in Sydney in July 1993.
Featured sinus plotter, vectors, plotterball & digimix of Peter Gabriel's 'Steam' done with my homemade c64 sampler (quality supreme - ha!)


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Strobe / ex-Menace, Accuracy, Lithium, WOW, Oregon & possibly others..

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